2011 Performance Review: Teamwork/Gets Along with Coworkers

Aw yeah, HR the Series pop culture performance review continues.

Last week, we focused on peeps who were prone to occupational hazards.  And now…. Check out how celebs and public figures deal with working together in a teamwork setting it.  (Spoiler alert) For the sake of some of these folks, including James Franco and NeNe Leakes, we hope their raises aren’t dependent on it.


Franco, My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn
James Franco had Anne Hathaway looking a dang fool at the Oscars with his uninspired, dead-eyed on-camera appearance. The plucky Hathaway kept giving her all to the poorly written skits and sketches, dragging Franco along for the ride a la Weekend at Bernies. We hope he has apologized for his antics because God knows he will never be onstage at the Oscars again unless he is accepting one.

Globe Trotter
Ricky Gervais turned the Golden Globes into a roast with pointed barbs at celebrities including Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and pretty much accused the Hollywood Foreign Press of accepting bribes. Gervais was unrepentant, despite admonitions from attendees including America’s Mister Nice Guy, Tom Hanks.

A Star is Warned
Nene Leakes isn’t known for making nice, and her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” attitude preceded her to the set of “Celebrity Apprentice.” But few probably expected a clash of the titans-level standoff between Star Jones and Leakes. Their verbal feuding nearly gave way to a beatdown, but we’re sure The Donald pulled them aside and whispered: “Ladies, don’t take it too far. This ain’t ‘Basketball Wives.’”

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